3-en-1 Ligne d’extrusion double “Mom and baby“ (découpage en granulés)


3-in-1 Mom and Baby Extruder (Die-Face Cutting)

3 étapes en une (broyage – extrusion – transformation en granulés), système pour les plastiques BOPP et le recyclage des films  LLDE/LDPE/HDPE

1. Three-in-one recycling facility combines grinder, extruder and pelletizer functionalities.
2. To help recycle pellets from bulk washers and recycling facilities, its dual deaeration, dual filtering die head reduces moisture and enhances cleanliness.
3. Die head cutting saves manual feeding costs while the sink-less design minimizes footprint.
4. Optional accessories:

(1) vacuum pump: expels gas fumes and excess moisture; suitable for printing,foaming, and cleaning related moulding material.

(2) metal detector: can prevent large metal pieces from being crushed by the shredder, causing further separation difficulties; also serves to protect the machinery.

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